26 July 2009

♦ ♣ Successful Hunting ♠ ♥

At 7am this morning the first Sunday of the hols I went out with Gemma, Darren, Mark and Gary to scour the fields for crap... and I found tons of it!

16 packets of playing cards later I felt satisfied. I had enough to keep me going for the next few days. Everything has been on hold and it all starts tomorrow, I am getting back to work creating some more stuff to shove up on Etsy and hopefully take to Tiger Lilly's. It's about time I visited again.

The finds of the morning - 16 packs in total ranging from c1940 to now. I love them.

I thought I had found some pretty basic playing card sets, however once home I realised I had stumbled on some unusual packs. I think I am now addicted to collecting playing cards especially the vintage ones!

Gueuze Lambic, Belle- vue (a beer I think) I the clubs!

American poker cards. I love the Queens - The Stepford Wives? and the joker is definately my Grandad!

Their eyes creep me out.

I think the best find of the day, Argos complimentary cards c1960 - a bargain at 20p.
A couple of odd sets I couldn't leave behind... a shame I am missing 'The Coop' from The Family Favourites and (as quoted from the antique card website) 'the very special sailor joker'. I could possibly have stumbled upon a couple of packs worth around £60! Not bad for a £1 spend.

Trouble is I don't want to cut them up
♣ ♠

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