29 May 2008

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Workshop
6-9pm Park House School Hall

This promises to be an evening of entertainment as students, teachers, parents and Newbury knitters and crocheters have a go at creating some hyperbolic coral reef.

Following a workshop Lisa, Skein Queen and I attended back in April we have been trying to recruit fibre enthusiasts to join the project.

For further info visit the IFF website to see what has been going and feel inspired to join the mini exhibition we are creating that will eventually be donated to the main exhibition in London.

We have had lots of support so far with some tanks being donated to showcase the work and The Wool Shop in Newbury will be providing us with some alternative and unusual yarns to try out.Newbury Weekly News have also agreed to come and visit us and document the evening, which is brilliant news!

If you fancy joining us then come down on the 1st of July with your hook and wool at the ready and we will get you started.

See you there... oh and don't forget to bring everyone you know!