7 December 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ NEW HATS ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

This is the start of something quite special. After trawling the web for mini top hats I have given up... they can either be really expensive or not quite what I want. So, I ahve decided to make my own. Here's the first one minus the feathers etc that will be added tomorrow.

I am very excited about the others I have in mind!

29 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ WONKY TOPPERS! ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

I can't even begin to explain the day I have just had but I will anyway...

Last night I went to bed looking at some clock parts I happened to find a few months ago. My imagination started to run a little wild and I ended up dreaming about top hats! Hmmm a bit weird, but, I had spent some time researching mini top hats for some future head pieces and have never really found any that would suit the Fagin, Mad Hatter theme I was going for.
Darren then took me to a little place in Southampton full of things and stuff... and there they were. A collection of hats, trilbys, top hats, bowler hats you name it they had it. Old ones, new ones, dirty ones, clean ones. I spotted these beauties nestled amongst the Halloween tat that was currently been put out on the shelves. How could I not purchase them. Sounds a little cheesy but they were exactly what I had dreamt about that night. How sad. I got chatting to the little man in the shop, who I am meeting on Saturday to discuss the processes they used to use to make the hats out of beaver skins and felt (he has a book I might be interested in), and he was really interested in what I was doing. Might I have found a place to put some Soobird offerings?
Anyway, I have told whoever will listen about these hats and I haven't found anyone who shares the same enthusiasm as I do... yet!

28 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ It's ready! ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

Click here to see the site so far...
It's ready and waiting for visitors.

After days of playing around with layouts, colours, pages and images I have finally got the website up and running. I am currently trying to make some more pieces to add to the shop so at the moment it is itemless. It won't be long though as I have a red arrow currently being cemented together by my very good friend Gary Stanley, so hopefully I will have some weird and wonderful hats to show off in my new shop soon.

I have also added a Guest Book to the site for feedback and comments. I also want to encourage visitors to jot down themes etc on that page. Everyday I get people suggesting future hats ranging from the sensible and sophisticated to the totally absurd. I don't think I will ever run out of things to make but it is better to be safe than sorry.

26 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Hot Muffins♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

A great night had by all. I managed to get setup with the help of Lisa and enjoy an evening of dancing and music. There were over 30 items of Soobird pieces on display and I had lots of interest, not forgetting a sale... thanks Wendy.

The next night is on December 20th and I will be there 11am - 11pm as there is an Art Market on during the day. Until then I will hopefully get the new website up to scratch and get lots of weird and unusual pieces ready for the stall in The Oracle, Reading that Chloe and Scarlet have kindly invited me to. I will be there on the 5th and 6th of December so pop down and buy your Xmas pressies of us!

23 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ New webiste on it's way♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

I am now the proud owner of

There is nothing on there as of yet, but I am soon to have a website that includes a gallery, blog, guestbook and shop.... so watch this space.

Hopefully I will get it up and running in the next few days, I am taking my time, I want it to be perfect as the interest I have had recently for hats and fascinators has been huge. I have received my first official order courtesy of Judy who I met at the fashion show a week or so ago so in between the Hot Muffins Burlesque Night at the Oakford, Reading this Sunday and life I shall be working on my website and my order.

It's all very exciting!

17 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Find me on the 25th ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ BUSY MONTH ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

It has been hectic...

I had an email of Russ, my political friend, with an offer of an advertising opportunity. I was invited to put a flyer into the goody bags that were being dished out at the Winchester Uni Freshers Fayre. I then got asked to put a lealfet into 150 goody bags for a fashion show organised by Alex Edwards, the owner of Cadogans in The Square, Winchester in association with the Winchester Conservatives, raising money for the 'Help the Heroes' charity.
I had an idea... every leaflet would have a mini 'Soobird' gift! Only 150 to make in 10 days. Easy!

It actually wasn't that bad.

I had a few evenings dedicated to making 150 card flowers that were then attached to cocktail sticks and eventually pierced through the leaflets. I had help of a very kind friend who gave up her afternoon to help cut and stick, with me keeping a close eye on quality control from the sofa. I also managed to round up the student troops at school to help make felt balls for the middle of the flowers.
After making around 100 of the pieces I had an idea. I decided to turn the poker themed tokens into a bit of a game. Only two Royal Flush pieces were made and they were a buttonhole and a brooch for one lucky lady and gent in the audience.

The fashion show was held at Avington Park, Winchester a stunning house full of history. I got a bit lost looking at all the artefacts on display, especially the alcove of corals and dried sealife. The show was a huge success and I had lots of interest in the fascinator I was modelling.

Aswell as creating the mini gifts I have also been creating more fascinators and brooches that are now on sale in Tiger Lilly's, Reading and on Etsy. I now have a week to get my stuff together ready for the next installment of 'The Hot Muffins' Burlesque Night at The Oakford Social Club, Reading on Sunday 25th October (7-11) where I shall be having a stall displaying my bits and pieces.

20 September 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Latest additions ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

Things have been a little quiet since I went to the 'Hot Muffins' night in Reading. For some reason the holidays make me do less. I have always known I work better under pressure but until a had a bit of a nightmare a few nights ago everything had been on hold. Now back to business here are some of the latest creations that are on Etsy and soon to be on sale in Tiger Lilly's, Reading.

25 August 2009

♦ ♣ All British ♠ ♥

The latest offerings... Waddingtons 'All British' fascinators. There are currently two available in Tiger Lilly's and two in my Etsy shop.

24 August 2009


Last night was my first experience of the 'Hot Muffins' Burlesque Night @ The Oakford Social Club in Reading... and I absolutely loved it! Hosted by Beatrix Von Bourbon it was a evening of laughter and dancing to pre-1960's tunes. Betsy Boudoir and Cherry Loco were particularly entertaining and well worth a watch.

I also couldn't wait to meet up with Chloe and Scarlet from Tiger Lilly's to hear how my bits and pieces were doing in the shop. They have been doing better than I thought with 5 sales in the past couple of weeks. Apparently there has been lots of interest in other designs I am working on, such as the pin-up, military and ones to go alongside their stock of Vivien of Holloway dresses. Now is the time to knuckle down and get making in the build up to Christmas. In the mean time I hope to be included in one of the art markets that take place at The Oakford every Sunday from 11am. I hope to kill two birds and have one during the next installment from the 'Hot Muffins'.

18 August 2009

♦ ♣ New Etsy Item ♠ ♥

My latest creation... a 'Know Your Navy' fascinator. I picked these cards up a while ago and finally I have found some time to have a play around with them. This is the first item I have made away from the poker theme and I am quite pleased with it. I have another one on the go with helicopters on the cards instead of ships. Still got to do the submarines and the missiles!

15 August 2009

♦ ♣ Know Your Navy ♠ ♥

My first fascinator away from the poker theme. When I ordered the blue feathers I didn't realise how beautiful the colour would be, the picture darkens them slightly. They are a slightly lighter royal/grey blue. Now all I have to do is find a model and get it in my Etsy shop.

14 August 2009

♦ ♣ New bits to play with ♠ ♥

I am now the proud owner of a Supermarine Spitfire Mk V RAF 140 Sqn 1941 and it is pink! Yesterday I was dragged to one of Darren's toy shops so he could pick up some parts for his cars... I had no idea what I was letting my brain in for. As soon as I got in there the ideas hit me like bullets and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of their stuff. I left empty handed but very excited about another visit after pay day...

24 hours passed and I had to go back.

I had to stop myself going mad in there, I kept telling myself I had to eat for the remainder of the month and shouldn't really spend much. The feathers I took with me made the gent behind the counter start asking questions. He had no idea what he was letting himself in for and neither did I. 45 minutes later I left with my head bursting with ideas, a pink spitfire, propellors, train track and a couple of trees. Now all I need is to get some more feathers... Watch this space I have a feeling the next batch of hats are going to be quite special!

4 August 2009

♦ ♣ New Etsy Item ♠ ♥

A hair comb available with a black or clear comb... check it out in my Etsy shop

Royal Flush (Diamonds)

♦ ♣ Delivery No. 2 ♠ ♥

What a fantastic day. I dragged Darren to Reading and after a very pleasant lunch in Finchampstead with my Uncle and Aunty I finally got to meet Chloe of Tiger Lilly's. It was great to discuss prices as I find that the hardest thing. I enjoy what I do so much I could quite easily give it all away, but that won't do. I am buying new bits and pieces for my hats everyday, it has become an obsession. Chloe kindly offered me a spot in one of their new glass cabinets that will take pride of place in the window of the shop... great publicity!
Whilst browsing through the 'Vivien of Holloway' dresses ideas were flowing.... watch this space!

3 August 2009

♦ ♣ Business Cards ♠ ♥

I have just found my new business cards on the doorstep. They look great.
However, I think I might go for glossy next time and I am going to suggest adding Tiger Lilly's details onto the back... supporting them and supported by them sort of thing.

2 August 2009

♦ ♣ A busy few days ♠ ♥

Well, here are the latest additions to the 'on the button' collection. I can't wait to drop everything off at Tiger Lilly's tomorrow. Still got a couple of orders to do so that should keep me busy for the next day or two before everything stops and i make my way up north for a few days. How will I cope not sitting in my little room for hours and hours and hours.New business cards should be with me by the 10th August. In the meantime I have found a use for the old ones.
Royal Flush (Clubs)

Aces High (Clubs)
This is my favourite so far!

Aces High (Hearts)

27 July 2009

♦ ♣ WOW ♠ ♥

The hat has sold... I found out today that Tiger Lilly's has actually sold 'Aces High'. Now all I have to do is make more. I need to find time in the next week to make, make, make. IT WILL HAPPEN. Only 4 hats and god knows how many hair clips and brooches. Not complaining though... it's very exciting! Back to work : )

26 July 2009

♦ ♣ Successful Hunting ♠ ♥

At 7am this morning the first Sunday of the hols I went out with Gemma, Darren, Mark and Gary to scour the fields for crap... and I found tons of it!

16 packets of playing cards later I felt satisfied. I had enough to keep me going for the next few days. Everything has been on hold and it all starts tomorrow, I am getting back to work creating some more stuff to shove up on Etsy and hopefully take to Tiger Lilly's. It's about time I visited again.

The finds of the morning - 16 packs in total ranging from c1940 to now. I love them.

I thought I had found some pretty basic playing card sets, however once home I realised I had stumbled on some unusual packs. I think I am now addicted to collecting playing cards especially the vintage ones!

Gueuze Lambic, Belle- vue (a beer I think) I the clubs!

American poker cards. I love the Queens - The Stepford Wives? and the joker is definately my Grandad!

Their eyes creep me out.

I think the best find of the day, Argos complimentary cards c1960 - a bargain at 20p.
A couple of odd sets I couldn't leave behind... a shame I am missing 'The Coop' from The Family Favourites and (as quoted from the antique card website) 'the very special sailor joker'. I could possibly have stumbled upon a couple of packs worth around £60! Not bad for a £1 spend.

Trouble is I don't want to cut them up
♣ ♠