29 October 2009

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ WONKY TOPPERS! ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

I can't even begin to explain the day I have just had but I will anyway...

Last night I went to bed looking at some clock parts I happened to find a few months ago. My imagination started to run a little wild and I ended up dreaming about top hats! Hmmm a bit weird, but, I had spent some time researching mini top hats for some future head pieces and have never really found any that would suit the Fagin, Mad Hatter theme I was going for.
Darren then took me to a little place in Southampton full of things and stuff... and there they were. A collection of hats, trilbys, top hats, bowler hats you name it they had it. Old ones, new ones, dirty ones, clean ones. I spotted these beauties nestled amongst the Halloween tat that was currently been put out on the shelves. How could I not purchase them. Sounds a little cheesy but they were exactly what I had dreamt about that night. How sad. I got chatting to the little man in the shop, who I am meeting on Saturday to discuss the processes they used to use to make the hats out of beaver skins and felt (he has a book I might be interested in), and he was really interested in what I was doing. Might I have found a place to put some Soobird offerings?
Anyway, I have told whoever will listen about these hats and I haven't found anyone who shares the same enthusiasm as I do... yet!

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