27 July 2009

♦ ♣ WOW ♠ ♥

The hat has sold... I found out today that Tiger Lilly's has actually sold 'Aces High'. Now all I have to do is make more. I need to find time in the next week to make, make, make. IT WILL HAPPEN. Only 4 hats and god knows how many hair clips and brooches. Not complaining though... it's very exciting! Back to work : )

26 July 2009

♦ ♣ Successful Hunting ♠ ♥

At 7am this morning the first Sunday of the hols I went out with Gemma, Darren, Mark and Gary to scour the fields for crap... and I found tons of it!

16 packets of playing cards later I felt satisfied. I had enough to keep me going for the next few days. Everything has been on hold and it all starts tomorrow, I am getting back to work creating some more stuff to shove up on Etsy and hopefully take to Tiger Lilly's. It's about time I visited again.

The finds of the morning - 16 packs in total ranging from c1940 to now. I love them.

I thought I had found some pretty basic playing card sets, however once home I realised I had stumbled on some unusual packs. I think I am now addicted to collecting playing cards especially the vintage ones!

Gueuze Lambic, Belle- vue (a beer I think) I the clubs!

American poker cards. I love the Queens - The Stepford Wives? and the joker is definately my Grandad!

Their eyes creep me out.

I think the best find of the day, Argos complimentary cards c1960 - a bargain at 20p.
A couple of odd sets I couldn't leave behind... a shame I am missing 'The Coop' from The Family Favourites and (as quoted from the antique card website) 'the very special sailor joker'. I could possibly have stumbled upon a couple of packs worth around £60! Not bad for a £1 spend.

Trouble is I don't want to cut them up
♣ ♠

21 July 2009

♣ ♦ 2 sales in one day! ♠ ♥

Well, wearing a brooch on Friday paid off. The wife of a friend from school spotted it and wanted one for their daughter's teacher who happens to be a poker player! I was also asked to make a fascinator for a friend who is attending a wedding in a bright orange dress with a hint of black in it. I had to stick to the poker theme so added a flash of orange to tie it all in. I think it worked

Royal Flush (Clubs)

♣ I have also been researching feathers. Think I have found a supplier... I desperately want more and want to get them before the summer holidays begin. Lots to make! ♠

Can't wait to get my brooch. I have decided to spend most of the money I get for my 'on the button' pieces supporting other artists and makers. I ordered my first bit of jewellery yesterday off Etsy yesterday... I have had my eye on this for ages. My obsession with fungus continues. I have already select several other bits and pieces to purchase. I need to get selling :)

19 July 2009

The latest addition

4 of a Kind (Kings)

Things have been slow the past week. The excitement of posting my first Etsy sale took it's toll and I have been too laid back about making more pieces to sell. So, I have finally managed to photograph the latest addition and get it up on Etsy. Of course there are two so one will be going to Tiger Lilly's very soon. I think this one is the best yet, the more feathers the merrier.

14 July 2009


I added the Royal Flush on Sunday and by 16:40 on Monday it had sold! I was so excited... I actually doubted whether anyone would find my brooches on Etsy, it's a massive site with hundreds of amazing pieces of artwork being uploaded every second of the day. So, I feel I have actually acheived something. It has certainly spurred me on to make more and start promoting my bits and pieces! It all starts here ha ha...♠ I now need to sort out my packaging. I thought I had it sorted with cake boxes but they aren't sturdy enough. I managed to scrape together a box out of mountboard. Not the most attractive of boxes but hopefully it will get the Flush all the way to the States in one piece. I think my feedback will reveal whether it did or not. Fingers crossed

12 July 2009

A busy weekend...

Here are a couple more pins that are now on Etsy. With there being 24 hours in a day I am sure I will have plenty more made by this time next week!

Full House (Kings over Jacks)

Royal Flush (Hearts)

I am really into Etsy, pin badges, playing cards and updating the blog... It's about time it happened and I feel as though I have now found something to concentrate on. I only hope it lasts more than 5mins (like most of my other projects).

After visting Scarlet on Saturday I raced home and produced 6 more pieces. I have decided to make two of everything, one for the shop and one for Etsy. That way I don't have to make any decisions about who gets what. It's difficult making two of something I am a one-off type of person so I am quite proud of myself.

Oh and here is an example of the hats I have been producing. This one is called 'Aces High' and it is the first to go on sale in Tiger Lilly's, Reading. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will get a few on Etsy. Just got to find boxes for them now!

11 July 2009

Look what I've been making!

2 Pair - Aces

Mr 'Mad Hatter' Mile's Buttonhole

2 Pair - Jacks and Kings

A new and exciting opportunity for Soobird : )

Today has been very exciting. The [on the button] range of badges and hats are now on sale in 'TIGER LILLY'S VINTAGE BOUTIQUE', 22 HARRIS ARCADE, FRIARS STREET, READING. I was approached by Scarlet Fullilove, owner of Tiger Lilly's, whilst out for Lisa's 'MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY' themed 30th birthday party in the Oakford. I was attracting a lot of attention due to the tea cup fascinator with wired playing cards balanced on my head. Scarlet asked if I would be interested in putting a few things in her shop and I jumped at the chance. It's the first time I have ever done anything like this and I quite like it! What an opportunity! So go and check out the shop it is full of wonderful vintage clothing, jewellery, bags, the lot. I could have easily spent a small fortune on some of Scarlet's handmade bracelets. Hopefully my bits will sell and I will manage to walk out of the shop without spending the money... I seriously doubt it!

I think a green poker may would look great underneath!