12 July 2009

A busy weekend...

Here are a couple more pins that are now on Etsy. With there being 24 hours in a day I am sure I will have plenty more made by this time next week!

Full House (Kings over Jacks)

Royal Flush (Hearts)

I am really into Etsy, pin badges, playing cards and updating the blog... It's about time it happened and I feel as though I have now found something to concentrate on. I only hope it lasts more than 5mins (like most of my other projects).

After visting Scarlet on Saturday I raced home and produced 6 more pieces. I have decided to make two of everything, one for the shop and one for Etsy. That way I don't have to make any decisions about who gets what. It's difficult making two of something I am a one-off type of person so I am quite proud of myself.

Oh and here is an example of the hats I have been producing. This one is called 'Aces High' and it is the first to go on sale in Tiger Lilly's, Reading. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will get a few on Etsy. Just got to find boxes for them now!

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