11 July 2009

A new and exciting opportunity for Soobird : )

Today has been very exciting. The [on the button] range of badges and hats are now on sale in 'TIGER LILLY'S VINTAGE BOUTIQUE', 22 HARRIS ARCADE, FRIARS STREET, READING. I was approached by Scarlet Fullilove, owner of Tiger Lilly's, whilst out for Lisa's 'MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY' themed 30th birthday party in the Oakford. I was attracting a lot of attention due to the tea cup fascinator with wired playing cards balanced on my head. Scarlet asked if I would be interested in putting a few things in her shop and I jumped at the chance. It's the first time I have ever done anything like this and I quite like it! What an opportunity! So go and check out the shop it is full of wonderful vintage clothing, jewellery, bags, the lot. I could have easily spent a small fortune on some of Scarlet's handmade bracelets. Hopefully my bits will sell and I will manage to walk out of the shop without spending the money... I seriously doubt it!

I think a green poker may would look great underneath!

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