21 July 2009

♣ ♦ 2 sales in one day! ♠ ♥

Well, wearing a brooch on Friday paid off. The wife of a friend from school spotted it and wanted one for their daughter's teacher who happens to be a poker player! I was also asked to make a fascinator for a friend who is attending a wedding in a bright orange dress with a hint of black in it. I had to stick to the poker theme so added a flash of orange to tie it all in. I think it worked

Royal Flush (Clubs)

♣ I have also been researching feathers. Think I have found a supplier... I desperately want more and want to get them before the summer holidays begin. Lots to make! ♠

Can't wait to get my brooch. I have decided to spend most of the money I get for my 'on the button' pieces supporting other artists and makers. I ordered my first bit of jewellery yesterday off Etsy yesterday... I have had my eye on this for ages. My obsession with fungus continues. I have already select several other bits and pieces to purchase. I need to get selling :)

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