5 February 2012

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Treasure Hunting ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

Yesterday I ventured out in temperatures of -7 (nothing compared to some places I know but it was cold) to go to Nettlebed, Henley to see what all the fuss is about. Lou of Vintagenie and White Rabbit Bakery had mentioned this place full of stuff that I would love. Tempted by the sound of filling my shoppers with materials for hats it was an opportunity not to be missed.

We went to the Sue Ryder Sale at Nettle bed Hospice. It happens around twice a month and is located a at a house crammed to the rafters full of donated goods. We trawled through boxes of books and maps, rummaged through fabrics both for my hats and for Lou’s new venture and purchased items at very low prices. Lou’s deck of cards priced at 5p were the bargain of the day, sadly missing the all important Ace of Spades though.

Pots, cake stands, hideous tea pots... I know at least 10 people that would love this part of the sale.

Toys. I tried to look for a few bits for Darren but I hadn’t a clue what to look for. I am sure one day he will experience the pushing and shoving.

Even though it was only at half capacity, it was still pretty busy. There were queues to enter the garden shed full of tools and the women’s clothing area. We did go into the mens room and had a look at the rails of some rather nice jackets and some hideous shirts! I managed to purchase a knitted tie pictured below. It is quite special.

Some of my purchases included a stack of fake flowers perfect for Easter bonnet season! Some picture cards, Thunderbirds and a set of Platnik Animals. I could have easily purchased a stack of maps but I had to restrain myself. Although mostly priced at 25p each, at one point I couldn’t carry the pile. It was time to edit. 

You can’t quite appreciate the fabric in my dodgy picture. I wish I had taken my decent camera. 4 yards of tweed, 3-4 yards of houndstooth, brown velvet and a black wool fur type fabric all for £6. Beats the high street any day. There were plenty more fabrics to choose from mostly at £1 a yard. I couldn’t leave these 4 behind.

Middle left is a little boat. I have to search high and low for the perfect vessels for hats. The galleon I created a while back is so heavy. Hopefully I can transform this mini one into something spectacular soon and get it in my Etsy shop. The hat was kindly donated to Soobird by Lou. It had been sat on her Vintagenie stall for some time now. She even gave me some tubs of feathers. I think I am going to save them and create something unique as part of a White Rabbit Bakery/Soobird collaborative project. So many ideas!

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