26 February 2012

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Milliners of Etsy Challenge ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

Here is my entry for the most recent MOE Challenge to create a hat or head piece inspired by a painting. Perfect theme for me.

Complete with plastic ants.

My main aim was to create a three dimensional representation of the painting. I have added specific quantities of the coloured goose, duck and chicken feathers in balance with the painting. For example at the back of the piece a burnt orange feather represents the pocket watch, this colour only appears once in the painting so a single feather has been used.

The base was covered with a fake leather fabric, the tree constructed from wire and paper and the dripping clock was free machine embroidered (no fancy computerised machine) including the numbers. Clock hands added, sadly not moving and of course some plastic ants embellish the front of the piece. At the front of the base three eyelashes have been added. The curly spiked feathers have also been used to represent the eyelash in the painting to give it extra texture. Although there is only one eyelash in the painting I have added quite a few... I couldn't help myself.

Hand Embroidered Clock - No fancy computerised sewing machine as you can probably tell. My nan’s old Bernina coped well with the little numbers. This was the first and only attempt at the clock.

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