23 August 2011

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Porlock ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

So.. we had a scenic drive down to the coast to visit Darren’s dad and Eileen in their new house. Both are keen gardeners so I knew we were in for a treat. I got a bit sad (not in a grumpy way, in a geek way) about the Eucalyptus tree in their garden. It not only reminded me of my time in Oz but also Borneo. As a textile artist the patterns and colours just stood out. I think I was stood looking at it for a good hour. Now that is sad.

We had been to Porlock Weir before. I never get bored nosing around the windy little streets looking at the gardens and the cottages. It’s a gorgeous little place, just too quiet. Not sure I could live there but appreciate how others could.

After dinner at a quaint little pub in Porlock Weir (I highly recommend the Steak & Ale Pie and Mash - WOW) I was introduced to possibly the best thing I have ever seen. It’s what I aim to have, decor wise, one day. I am familiar with the Miller’s Antique Guides, my parents have every single one and are keen collectors of all sorts. Not like me and tat, they look for antiques and unusual pieces of glass, jewellery etc to add to their ever growing collection. So when Joe took me into the Hotel run by the daughter of the author of the Miller’s guides I knew I was in for a treat but never expected to see a hotel crammed, floor to ceiling with antiques and unusual bits and pieces. It was heaven. The taxidermy deer and 1920’s feel to the place was crying out Murder Mystery. I am not even a fan of Murder Mystery but if they had one there I would definately go.

If only I had my camera with me, my knackered old IPhone just doesn’t do the place justice!

I’d like a staircase like this... I felt like I was being watched.

What a fireplace. Jealous.

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