31 August 2010

♥ Joe & Eileen Wed 26♥08♥2010 ♥

A splendid afternoon spent in Minehead witnessing Joe (Darren's dad) and Eileen wed at St Michaels Church. We then made out way to Binham Grange, which was like an art gallery with sculptures and amazing things everywhere. I want to live there!

Binham Grange

A wire Dung Beetle

I can't remember who the artist was... it's really annoying me. They were about 6 or 7 insect homes made out of brass and ceramic pots. really unusual. Unfortunately pay day was a way off. One day I would like to own one.

Ali and Megan wearing their original 'Soobird' hair pieces. Which can be purchased in my Etsy shop wink wink.

My hat then did the rounds...

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