11 December 2011

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Vintagenie Christmas Fair ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

What a great day. I picked up Binkypops early this morning and we set off to have stalls at Vintagenie’s Christmas Vintage and Handmade Fair at the Penta Hotel in Reading. I usually dread these days due to the amount of boxes and bags I have to take, finding a parking space and generally being on my feet all day. I shouldn’t whinge about it because I appreciate all the positive comments and attention my work gets at these events. After all, the reason I do it is to show it all off. However today was very different due to the exceptional organisation from Lou and Anna of Vintagenie. Space sorted, directions sorted, parking sorted it really was the easiest it has ever been. Here are a few pictures from the day. I had to post one of Stephanie's stall as it just goes to show how very different we are. I wish I could turn up with one bag and be done :)

 The chaotic presentation skills of Soobird here. I had more than I thought and was really happy with how it looked. Now to find an ornate free standing mirror just to finish it all off.

You can probably see what I mean... sadly I forgot to get some close up shots of her jewellery, check out her shop to see.

Here we have Shaz of Oddsox with her wonderful sock creations. I couldn’t help purchasing a snowman badge... along with a ton of other bits from the fair.

The Penta Hotel was a great venue, lovely large and warm room. We all had plenty of space which made a nice change from the norm. Often we get crammed into tiny spaces which makes it quite difficult. At the front there was a performance area where a few local (highly talented) musicians took to the stage to perform for us. Hat’s off to the Burlesque performer. She must have been freezing!


  1. Wowee - Anna & Lou aren't the only organised ones - very impressive to get a blog done so fast and thanks for including a pic of my OddSox too! I thoroughly enjoyed it - it was very relaxed, a great bunch of people and not-too-shabby sales as well! See you on Wednesday. Shaz x

  2. I was on one :)

    Looking forward to tomorrow, I found the shop and it was the one in Hermitage at Hilliers. The lady was lovely and I spent a fortune on some fancy circular needles all coloured and fancy! Will bring my purchases along tomorrow so I can start my new project : )