26 July 2011

♦ ♣ ♥ ♠ Custom Clips ♦ ♣ ♥ ♠

♣ Lorna’s Peacock ♣

I was asked to create a small clip to be worn in the hair to match the dress pictured. The Peacock style design on the fabric was the perfect starting point. Goose, pheasant and crow feathers were added along with some beige/coffee coloured strips. The finished piece measures 13cm in length and is attached to a clip, making it suitable to wear in the hair or as a bag, clothing accessory.

♣ Elise’s Black and White Wedding ♣

Something small and discreet for her sister’s wedding, but still with in the Soobird style. This is a much smaller version of the Queen of Hearts without the red cards. On a simple snap clip it sits neatly on your head, however it can still double up as a brooch or clip by requesting a brooch clasp to be added. This design will be featured in my Etsy shop very soon, it got a lot of attention at school.

♣ Hen Do at Ascot ♣

16 pieces made in total for this Hen Party. Above is a simple design taken from the more flamboyant design of the Hen’s (picture on it’s way). Due to the request being to suit 15 ladies with differing tastes this suited everybody. The clip attaches to all hair types and again doubles up as a brooch. So those not wishing to wear it on their heads could still be seen as a member of the group. Each petal was backed with race themed newspaper articles in keeping with their theme and their venue.

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