17 August 2008

Make, Bake and Take @ Alan and Lynda's Wedding

9th August 2008

Lisa and I started this project as soon as the invite came through the door, sometime in February I think. Lynda and Alan had decided not to have a traditional wedding cake instead they asked guests to bake a fete style cake and take it along to the wedding where it will be judged alongside the others.
We thought we would get creative and combine a gift and a cake. You can't have a wedding without some kind of white wedding cake! All the parts were made seperately and we put it all together the night before we were due to travel up north for the wedding!

We bought some hat boxes and made cosies to go over the top using a bit of crochet and knit.

Bubbles got a little too close to our white cake.

The finished cake! All we had to do was get it there.
After a beautiful wedding ceremony we boarded the double deckers and went to the middle of nowhere for the reception.

We were taken to a barn with a coconut shy and swanky festival toilets.

The wedding favors were brewed and bottle by Mr & Mrs Aitchison. Sloe gin or raspberry vodka. A perfect way to start dinner...

The competition!

Some amazing cakes... There was even a hedgehog cake. It brought back lots of childhood memories. All the cakes were cut into slices and put on each of the tables. We got the hedgehog and here's Lisa's verdict

1st Prize the veggie patch cup cakes. They were absolutely amazing and there was no way they were going to be beaten.


2nd Prize Charlotte and Annabelle's very fete style cake.

Joint 3rd Prize Hamish's metal sculpted cake and our knitted wedding cake. We were very pleased and used this as an excuse to drink lots of champagne and wine!

Farewell Richard and Norwell...

Sarah I hope your Pad Thai makes it to Thailand in one piece!
Good luck and see you there soon x

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